I just want to say thank you for a wonderful week of SEO training.  Your knowledge and eagerness of SEO has been great, as has your patience with my MANY questions.  You have given me a great deal of excitement about the future potential of our business and you have given me the resources and confidence to start improving our website’s rankings and ultimately our business growth.  Thanks again!
Naomi O

SEO had always been one of those things I had put in the ‘too hard basket’ because it always seemed too intimidating and out of my (intellectual) reach… that was until I came across Search Engine Academy! Sue’s knowledge of all things ‘SEO’ is unbelievable and her enthusiasm is undeniable! Sue was easy to approach and she presented the information in a practical way that was easy to understand. The knowledge and skills I have gained are priceless and have set me on a new career path which I absolutely love! I would highly recommend SEA to anyone- and believe me, if I can do it you can too!!
Tammy A

A big thanks to my super buddy Sue Cooper from Search Engine Academy Australia who is putting up with all my stupid & crazy questions about SEO. Learning so much!! Have set up Twitter, Linked In, facebook, Hootsuite and You Tube is next on the list!!! Sue thanks so much!!! This is an entire new world, speaking a new language & I am really glad to have you doing the interpreting for me!! xoxo
Kylie C

Did one of Sue’s SEO 1 day courses, FANTASTIC!!! Would highly recommend this to anyone who wants more from their website, all the tools Sue gives you are free and so accessible! In retrospect, I feel naked thinking back to what I didn’t know! In this case ignorance is not bliss! Thanks so much Sue 😀
Jess L

Sue has a way of turning complicated subjects into free flowing information.  Her language is clear, easy to understand and free of jargon.  I walked away feeling like I had a more highly developed level of understanding on SEO.  And I understand the importance of knowing what I know now….  Thank you Sue :^)
SEO for Local Search participant

Sue is a caring and extremely knowledgeable SEO Educator at Search Engine Academy. The knowledge she has given me on how to get the best of my website is priceless. In easy to understand terms, she has given me the confidence and support I need to achieve great results with my goals in SEO for my business website.
Lisa W

Sue has an amazing understanding of seo’s and google analytics and rankings. Things I just didn’t understand. Sue makes it easy to understand and put into practice. Sue takes immense pleasure in helping you get your business discoverable. I highly recommend Sue.
Elisa M

WOW!!! WOW!!! WOW!!! Sue’s knowledge of SEO is AMAZING!! Her ability to translate this foreign world into an easy & logical step by step “idiots” guide (for people like me) is great! Sue has been so helpful in getting Fitness Matters Franchising and each of our clubs on the map and optimised! I had resisted facebook for years, and now have fb, twitter, linkedin, hootsuite…… and learning more and more every day. Thank you Sue for being so great to deal with. For every crazy question I have asked, you have always provided me with the information I need in a timely manner and never made me feel stupid for asking. I not only value you as an outsourced business partner with our SEO and web development, but as a friend as well!! Thank you!!
Kylie C

Great course for learning the essentials of search engine optimisation from someone who has done it and clearly loves it.  Sue was very enthusiastic and a great presenter.
Steve H

Learning what Search Engine Optimisation was all about enhanced my career path both economically and enjoyably – there is no reason now for only big organisations to be easily found in Google! Sue makes it all seem so easy, fiscally feasible and understandable!
Julie S

Highly recommend the course, I am new to webpage development and I found Sue easy to understand and a wealth of information. Great day!
Vicky S

Definitely recommend the SEO mastery course. I have recently completed the 5 day SEO mastery course with little experience with SEO in the past. The course was easy to understand and keep up with and I gained a wealth of knowledge.

Detailed, comprehensive, up-to-the-minute SEO training. Sue’s workshop provides the knowledge and the tools required to understand search engine optimisation and to apply the knowledge to your websites to achieve high rankings in search engines such as Google.
Peter H

I would highly recommend this SEO workshop.  I’ve just completed the two day introductory course and have been enlightened on the tools of SEO. I really think it’s important to understand the technology as a business owner.  I now feel more confident to help implement future marketing campaigns.‎
Amanda M

I would like to thank Sue Cooper for an incredibly interesting and informative session on SEO. I learnt more about SEO in two hours with her than I did in 7 years at Uni, I would recommend her SEO & SEM courses to everyone.
Julie S

The seminar on Link Building and Article Marketing I attended with Search Engine Academy Qld was fantastic. The information was so valuable and at a level I could understand. There were many moments when the light was turned on for me and now I finally understand why these strategies work, rather than having a list of things that I “had” to do. Sue Cooper is a wealth of knowledge and I walked away with practical strategies and tips I could implement immediately for building traffic to my site.
Kathy A

I really enjoyed the Search Engine Academy seminar. Sue Cooper’s passion and expertise is obvious, and she easily presented content that was quite technical at times in a way that we could all understand, and get excited about! I learned an enormous amount that will be of great benefit to my business and clients. I highly recommend her training program for anyone who’s serious about maximising results from their website.
John K

If only… sometimes these words are so true… If only I had known a year ago the knowledge that Sue passed on in 90 mins at the Search Academy Qld seminar, my website and business would be in an amazing position by now!
Thought provoking and the most up to date and valuable information I’ve received in a long time… if you think you know the best ways to achieve results on the web and get the best from your website… then you haven’t attended this seminar. The only way my website will fail to achieve results now, is by not putting into action what I have learnt in those 90 mins!
If you’re in business and want to achieve results with your website, but think you can’t afford the time and effort, then I would say you can’t afford not to.
Paul G